Exploring the Distinctive Aromas of Rare and Precious Oud Perfumes

Exploring the Distinctive Aromas of Rare and Precious Oud Perfumes

Oud is one of the most expensive ingredients used for perfume creation. It has a truly divine aroma which smells luxurious. Some love it to the bits while others find it overbearing for their senses. Whether you love it or hate it, oud is part of many popular fragrances. And is gaining popularity by the day. This fragrant wood is a major part of oriental fragrances.

People of the middle east love an intense aroma making it a favourite there. Its popularity is not limited to Middle Eastern countries. And if you are wondering whether you must try it or not, these tips will help in making up your mind.

What Makes Oud So Special?

In some cultures, it is called the wood of god because of its aroma. Oud is extracted from the Agar tree also known as Aquilaria. Agar is already an expensive wood used in perfumes. However, the complicated process of oud-making makes it even more expensive. A special fungus is introduced to the inner part of the tree trunk which makes it sick.

And this process results in a rich and intense-smelling essence. This infected wood is then distilled to extract oud oil. The aroma is quite smoky, sweet, earthy, warm, and luxurious. It gives an intense depth and sensuality to the perfume. All these qualities make oud perfume a rather prized possession for many. It is great for the winter season, but you can also enjoy it in other seasons as well. There are so many qualities of oud that one can discover only by trying it.

Tips To Wear Woody Perfumes Like Oud:

Oud fragrances can be a bit intimidating at first. Hence, you must try to maintain the right quantity of applications. Avoid spraying too much perfume. It should enhance your style and not overlap it. So, it is better if you stick to two spray rules of perfume. Spray two sprays on your pulse points and that is it. If you find it intense for the season, layer it with a light perfume. It will help in reducing the intensity while you get a new aroma.

Start by getting gentle oud perfumes instead of stronger ones. These will make your way towards loving this fragrance note easier. Oud is a great fragrance for every season, given you know how to wear it well.

Is There An Indian Perfume Brand Offering Woody Perfumes?

Yes, you can buy woody perfumes with oud from brands like Perfumer’s Club. They have a versatile range of woody perfumes for men, women and unisex. You can get other options like sandalwood, oak, rosewood, vanilla, patchouli and many more. Perfumes like #Challenger, #Achieve, #WildChild, and #Wanderer are some options for men. For women, there are #Dreamer, #Bombshell, #NightQueen, #EternalLove and #Iconic.

Most of these perfumes have oud and sandalwood in their base layer. Being one of the iconic woody aromas, these two are loved by the masses. Among these, oud unisex perfumes are a true delight for a perfume lover. And something you should not miss. You can get perfumes in full size, mini size and even in gift packs. Explore the amazing range of woody perfumes that are perfect for summer.

Are Mini Perfumes A Good Way To Try Oud Perfumes?

Whenever you want to try a new scent, testers are the best way for it. however, the quantity given is not always enough for it. Stores give out testers for free or along with a purchase. So, the quantity is limited to 1ml only. On the other hand, mini perfumes have about 5ml and more in some cases. Brands like Perfumer’s Club give 8ml quantity in their mini scents. It is enough to last more than 10 days with regular use.

These help you to evaluate a scent on so many levels. You can use it indoors, or outdoors to see how the scent behaves. And you can test its longevity as well with these simple points. The quantity is enough to give you a complete experience of the perfume you wish to buy. If you like it, you can go ahead with the full size.

Since oud perfumes are an acquired taste, it is great to try them before buying. You can get a pack of three, a pack of seven or in a gift pack form. Brands like Perfumer’s Club provide a versatile range of miniature scents.

Oud perfumes are utterly amazing once you get a hang of it. this fragrance note combines well with other notes as well. And it truly smells divine in every season. With floral notes, it is great for spring. With herby green notes, it is suitable for monsoon. With gourmand vanilla and sweet notes, you can wear it in autumn. And with warm spicy notes, it is perfect for winter. Go ahead and give these a try this upcoming season.