How Fragrance Became Genderless? The Rise of Unisex Perfumes

How Fragrance Became Genderless? The Rise of Unisex Perfumes

Most people are not aware that perfumes never had a gender. The first perfumes that were created were the same for men and women. Perfumers all over the world used aromatic flowers and woods for crafting scents. They would extract the aroma from it using different methods. And the essence was used to make the scent. All these perfumes were so potent that a few dabs were enough.

With perfumes being commercialized, there was a need to divide them among different users. It was an effective strategy to market gender-based perfumes in the 1900s. Society already established rules for men and women to look, dress and act in a certain way. And the perfume companies made a massive profit gaining from this. The perfume was advertised as something only a true gentleman or a lady would wear. Selling different perfumes in a single household meant more profit.

But this is changing fast now. The new trends of unisex perfumes are quite popular. And everyone wants to be a part of it.

Gender Fluidity Of Gen Z Impacting Perfume Trends:

Gen Z plays an essential role in the gender fluidity of the perfume. They are breaking the age-old restrictions of gender identity. “Men and women must behave in a certain way.” The younger generation does not believe in this, and it reflects in their style as well. Catering to this demographic of the customer base, perfume brands are focussing on what they need. Gen Z is breaking all the gender-based barriers. Whether it is their dress or beauty, they want to explore everything. And it is visible in the way they wear perfumes.

Women are getting more inclined towards strong woody and spicy perfumes. While men are now exploring the subtle soothing notes of florals and fruits. They are experimenting with the fragrances by layering them. The focus is more on what they like and not on what society approves of.

Perfumery Going Back To Its Roots:

Regardless of the trends, unisex fragrances allow perfumers to go back to their roots. They can now focus on the aroma again instead of the gender. It allows them to create the finest of scents. And the results are quite versatile. There is no restriction on the use of ingredients or how it should smell. For a true perfume lover, this is certainly a new experience.

Try Genderless Perfumes Online In India:

You can get the best unisex perfumes online in India. They are available from top brands from all over the world. Try #AquaCool and #Rebel by Perfumer’s Club. These are soothing herby citrusy perfumes for summer and monsoon. If you want something intense, the Otoori Musk Taher range is for you.

This range has every perfume from strong ouds to sweet candy perfumes. New NB also has a few affordable options such as Unbranded VIII. Online perfume stores like Perfume Booth have many EDTs and EDPs for unisex. You can explore them, get testers to try and buy if you like. Unisex perfumes are quite extraordinary if you get a hang of it. Explore this genderless world of perfume for true aromatic pleasure.