Lattafa Badee Al Oud Perfume

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Lattafa Badee Al Oud Perfume is a best unisex fragrance with an exotic, eastern scent. It combines traditional oud perfume notes of fresh citrus and warm spices for a sophisticated yet modern aroma. The result is a luxurious scent that lingers on the skin all day long. This unique blend of fragrances creates an unforgettable experience that will surely be...

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    Highlights and Specifications:

    Perfume Type: Eau de Parfum
    Ideal For : Men and Women
    Quantity : 100 ML
    Fragrance Family : Woody

    Safety Information: Keep in Cool and Dry Place. External Use Only Not for Consumption and Don't Direct Spray on Eye Contact Area.


    Top notes : Saffron, Nutmeg and Lavender;
    Middle notes : Agarwood (Oud) and Patchouli;
    Base notes : Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli and Musk;

    About Manufacturing & Sales

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    PB Pvt Ltd. 70B/35A, 3rd Floor, Rama Road Industrial Area, New Delhi - 110015

    Country of Origin : UK

    Expiration Date : Expires in 36 Months From Date of Manufacture

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Shubham Raje

    This is one of my best perfume collections. It has 7 awesome fragrances and it’s easy to keep in my bag. I love it and will use it again! Thanks Sniff and for bringing the unique perfume at such cheap price!

    Thank You!

    Irshad Ahmed

    It has a fine smell, great longevity, and a refreshing feeling that keeps me lively. My friends also like the smell! Thanks Sniff and

    Thank You!

    Arun D'suja

    Although I love strong fragrance... it smells nice but mild

    Thank You!